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A selection of Mari Fujita's art exhibition will be held at Sotetsu Art Gallery(Izumi-ku,Yokohama).The title is "The Eternal Universe".

I have been painting my works of art using such motif as "The Globe " and "Metallic Objects" for 20 years.A unique artistic technique displays my talent in portraying effectively.

We can recognize its vivid impressive existence.My works of art express a sense of quality and quantity.

I also utilizes the technique of color gradation for this purpose.this tiime, my exhibition shows you a variety of self-selected works of art which have been painted over a period of years.
(Sotetsu Gallery,「MARI FUJITA -The Eternal Universe-」,2005)

Please enjoy it.

Crisis Serius No.12

Crisis Serius

"Crisis Serius No.12"
1995. mixed media on canvas. 182×227cm(F150)
"Crisis Serius"
1995. mixed media on canvas. 182×227cm(F150)

In the Time Going by

Crisis Series  Rasping

”In the Time Going by”
1991. oil on canvas. 227×181cm(F150)
Crisis Series "Rasping"
1997. oil on canvas. 194×260(F300)

Captured Land (A)

Captured Land (B)

"Captured Land (A)"
1996. oil on canvas. 181×227(F150)
"Captured Land (B)"
1996. oil on canvas. 181×227(F150)

Captured Land

"Captured Land"
2000-2004. oil on canvas. 162×776(F150×4)

Captured Universe (A)

Captured Universe (B)

"Captured Universe (A)"
2002. oil on canvas. 130×162(F100)
"Captured Universe (B)"
2003. oil on canvas. 130×162(F100)